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  • Activities and Fun

    Activities and Fun, Fun, Fun!

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    In addition to their regular restroom and play breaks, Norco Animal Hospital offers exciting extra activities and fun for our boarding dogs.

    Tension Relieving Kongs

    Choose a size appropriate Kong to be stuffed daily with a yummy treat for your dog to play with!  Kongs are your dog’s to go home with at the end of the stay.  Bring them back next time for your dogs to play again!  Kongs with stuffing start at $15

    Happy Tail Hour

    For guests with a more delicate mouth. Enjoy a flavorful biscuit. Your pets will barking & meowing happy. $2

    Daily Round of Tennis

    A daily round of tennis is available for those dogs that would like a little extra exercise.  Let your pet enjoy an extra one on one tennis and attention session with our staff.  Extra play time is $10 per session.

    Turn Down Service

    Lets end the day with a nice turn down service.  After a long day or fun and games, what could be better than someone fluffing your bed and brushing out your coat to help unwind? Turn down service is $5 a day.


    Catnip Toys

    Our cats and kitties that just can’t resit catnip. Enjoy playtime with a catnip toy during their stay and your cat gets to take the toy home upon departure. $2


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    Need to be freshened up before you go home from your stay? Have your owner ask us about grooming specials for our extended boarding stays.


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  • Cat Boarding

    Cat Boarding

    Feline Friends Celebrated

    We’ll pamper your baby while you’re away!

    Norco Animal Hospital offers cat boarding for our fabulous cat clientele starting at $24 per day. We request that your pets be checked in by 5 pm Monday through Sunday,  as to give us adequate time to get them comfortable in their beds for the night.

    Cats are housed with a soft clean blanket and have access to the litter box and fresh water 24 hours a day. If you would prefer your cat to remain on their normal diet, we will gladly feed what you bring; otherwise they are offered Hills Sensitive Stomach diet.

    We have many great fun activites, toys, and treats to pamper your baby with. Please see our “Activitise and Fun” and “Grooming” pages.

    Our “Feline Friendly” specials vary month to month. Please give us a call to see what is the special is today.  We want to help keep your cat happy and healthy.



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  • Dog Boarding

    Dog Boarding

    Boarding room 1

    Norco Animal Hospital is canine crazy, we offer dog boarding starting at $24 per day. We request that pets be checked in by 5 pm Monday through Sunday, as to give us adequate time to get them comfortable in their beds for the night.

    Dogs have their own size appropriate housed area with a soft clean blanket at all times. Fresh water is available in their private boarding area 24 hours a day. We feed all dogs the Hills Sensitive Stomach diet unless you bring their own food. Feeding is done twice daily in their own private area.

    All dogs are taken out for fresh air and a walk four times daily. Our facility has a wonderful shaded, fenced play yard for play breaks.

    We want to pamper your baby while they are away from home. We have great fun activities, toys, and treats to choose from. Please see our “Activities and Fun” & “Grooming” pages.


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